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Primary Nursing

is a system for the distribution of nursing care in which care of one patient is managed for the entire 24-hour day by one nurse who directs and coordinates nurses and other personnel; schedules all tests, procedures, and daily activities for that patient; and cares for that patient personally when on duty. In acute care [...]

What are the objectives of Primary Nursing and Team Nursing?

What are the objectives of Primary Nursing and Team Nursing? Primary Care Nursing: to promote autonomy and competency on a single nurse as all duties and responsibilities in taking care of a patient for his or her duration of stay is delegated entirely on a single nurse. It also aims to produce a nurse that [...]

FUNCTIONS of a Primary Care Nurse and a Team Nurse

What are the respective functions of a Primary Care Nurse and a Team Nurse? The functions and responsibilities of a primary care nurse are: 1)     The primary nurse is responsible for collaborating with other health care professionals assigned to care for the medical needs of the client. 2)     Physical assessment. 3)     Administration of medication 4)     [...]

Team Nursing

is a decentralized system in which the care of a patient is distributed among the members of a group working in coordinated effort. The charge nurse delegates authority to a team leader who must be a professional nurse. This nurse leads the team-usually of 4 to 6 members-in the care of between 15 and 25 [...]


What is the channels of communication in Primary Care nursing and Team Nursing? The primary care nurse directly reports and communicates to all health personnel responsible for the care of the patient.  Communication is done through: 1)     Nursing care plans 2)     Charting 3)     Direct reporting In team nursing, the nursing leader coordinates with the Nursing [...]


NURSING MANAGEMENT: TEAM VS. PRIMARY Hospitals address nursing care of ward patients in several ways. The two most common nursing management styles are Team Nursing and Primary Care Nursing. Each type of nursing care management has its own pro’s and con’s with respect to both nurses and patients. Both systems were devised in order to [...]

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