What are the objectives of Primary Nursing and Team Nursing?

Primary Care Nursing: to promote autonomy and competency on a single nurse as all duties and responsibilities in taking care of a patient for his or her duration of stay is delegated entirely on a single nurse. It also aims to produce a nurse that is specialized in an area or a given setting to further improve the nursing practice and patient care.

Team Nursing: to provide the best patient-centered care.  Since other minor duties are delegated to UAP’s, LPN’s and Nurse Aids, the nurse gets to spend more time by the patient’s bedside doing delicate nursing care that cannot be given to any other members of the team.  Another goal is to train the nurse to be flexible.  As the nurse is not confined in the care of a single patient, he or she will be able to learn to adjust accordingly to different needs of different patients.   Team nursing is also a training ground for nurses to become nurse leaders and nurse managers of a team; this can be useful as a preparation for professional advancement.