What is the channels of communication in Primary Care nursing and Team Nursing?

The primary care nurse directly reports and communicates to all health personnel responsible for the care of the patient.  Communication is done through:

1)     Nursing care plans

2)     Charting

3)     Direct reporting

In team nursing, the nursing leader coordinates with the Nursing Coordinator or Unit Nurse Manager with regards to the condition of the patient, as well as problems of team members and in the ward through submitting a summary report or through conference.  As for the team members, the team leader communicates with each member by:

1)     Nursing care plans

2)     Charting

3)     Reporting

4)     Conference: this may happen at the beginning and at the end of the shift.  The team leader will lead the discussion about:

a.       Delegation of duties.

b.       Any change in the number of patient, or change in the plan of care.

c.       Summary of each team member about the wellbeing of their respective patients, as well as their duties and responsibilities.

d.       Planning on the next day’s activities.

Overall, Team nursing is better to implement than primary nursing in several ways.  The team will be able to give patient-centered care according to their specialties and abilities without causing too much stress.  Proper implementation will ensure that the team will be able to take care of the needs of several patients without the need to extend hospital hours, or worrying about going behind schedule.  It is also cost-effective for a team of 4-6 members can take care of a group of clients comprising of 15-20 patients while.  This ratio will ensure less confusion and less errors in rendering patient care.  Proper communication will ensure that all tasks done in team nursing will be done in the right time and ensure patient satisfaction.

Team Nursing vs Primary Care Nursing, with an emphasis on Team Nursing. It should include

1 Definitions of Team Nursing and Primary Care Nursing

2 Objectives of team nursing and Primary Care Nursing

3 Lines of organization of team nursing and Primary Care Nursing

4 Functions of all Team Nurses and Primary Care Nurses

6 Channels of communication in Team Nurses and Primary Care Nurses

6 Summary on why Team Nursing is better than Primary Care Nurses